Monday, May 28, 2012

Finding A High Quality Insurance Agent

          It is challenging to find a high quality insurance agent. There is so much information regarding these professionals on the Internet. The information sources may contradict one another. Thorough research is important when choosing a professional. Certain skills, hard and soft, a professional must have to successfully serve their client base. Hard skills may include the relevant technical capability and the acumen to perform well in the position. Soft skills, on the other hand, would be considered people or interpersonal skills. Do you believe that customers desire to transact business with professionals which possess hard skills or soft skills? The answer may surprise you.

          Insurance professionals must meet strict pre-licensing and licensing requirements to maintain the integrity of one's license. Obviosuly, this does not include continual education units, or CEUs. A professional must demonstrate to the public that he or she is capable of finding a suitable insurance product for their client  by performing a thorough assessment. The insurance professional must make a strong commitment towards continuous education so that their given skill level is always current. Should a professional limit oneself to the concrete skills? Well, numerous clients continuously state they are searching for additional softer skills in their professional dealings with appointed insurance producers.

          Do you remember what was taught to us as children? I remember we should not fight, make friends with people, and always tell the truth. Although the insurance industry is a complex field, the same ethical tenets apply in this line of work. Honest people want to deal with other like-minded people. The same holds true in the insurance industry. Indeed, clients value the technical excellence; but, they place a higher premium on the softer skills. People want their insurance professionals to make a thorough assessment of their current situation through honest and ethical behavior. A big turn off for clients is the pushy salesperson. Any person with average intelligence realizes the fact it is wise to be on the more appropriate side of the law.

          What makes for a high quality insurance agent? A combination of the hard technical skills and soft people skills are essential in locating a decent professional. Ironically, clients value the softer interpersonal skills over the technical ability of the producer. Does this surprise you? Initially, it surprised me because I honestly was led to believe that people desired the fancy technical skills. However, it makes logical sense. Many clients are seeking high ethical behavior when it comes to dealing with their insurance producers. They desire these individuals that are placed in a fiduciary role to abide by the 'Golden Rule.'  Treat other people as you want to be treated. For many people, including myself, this makes for good business.

          My name is Matthew Philistine. I am a licensed insurance professional, and, I recently became appointed through the Lehigh Valley Financial Group, an affiliate of Mass Mutual. I am able to explain term, whole life, and universal life insurance to you. If you, family members, or, acquaintances, have any concerns about your current insurance policy or situation, I maybe able to be of assistance to you. You may contact me at Thank you.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Message.

Happy Memorial Day!!! This is a small excerpt on inspiration and motivation to set the tone for the summer. Enjoy!!!!

          Every single day represents a new beginning. It does not matter if it is sunny with 72 degrees and blue skies. It should not be concluded that the day is going to start off poorly because there appears to be ten feet of snow in front of our homes. We should embrace all 365 days of the year. The sunny weather should be utilized for cookouts, walks, meeting new people, and to be inspired in general. Bad weather, the 10ft. snow example, has some positive purposes. We could shovel this stuff because this creates an environment for safety, and, it demonstrates to our neighbors that we have absolute pride.Please help other people during the fowl weather. You will have a positive overall sense of well-being after performing the task. People could make the most out of the different types of weather, including not-so-positive weather, as long as they are goal oriented and of course thankful.

          A goal is the attempt in gaining what you desire from life. We create our own goals. It does not matter if the goal is big or small. As long as you design a logical step-by-step plan to obtain your desired outcome, you will meet or possibly exceed your goal. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Sometimes, it is essential and logical to ask for assistance in the formation of your plan. These people that could be of great service to you could possibly be known as your 'Mastermind Group.' This is the group in which you trust on many concerns in life. Obviously, this depends upon the complexity of the problem because one person cannot be an all knowing expert on every topic. We need to remember to give something of value, or consideration, in exchange for meeting the desired outcome or goal. Essentially, render humble service in order to be served. People do not, and should not act alone. We are an interdependent upon one another in society.

          Imagine for one moment not having the ability to do the things we take for granted on a daily basis. Hence, take some time to reflect upon life, and, profoundly understand that life is not so negative. We are able to control our own thoughts and feelings. Thankfulness is not only common sense. It is one of the major components of success. When other people witness that you are content, they will gravitate to you without any reservation. Enthusiasm and a positive disposition brings out the best in all of us. Approach your life with infectious enthusiasm! How could all of this be accomplished without losing sight of our created goals? We need to find some form of happiness in life. My form of happiness may differ from your overall form of happiness. As long as we do not violate the rights of others, gravitate to your source of happiness and inspiration. Remember, our world is always in motion, and, there must be that strong interdependency among all of us on earth. Thanks for reading. Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Contemporary Eye: Awareness and Empathy.

The Contemporary Eye: Awareness and Empathy.: Awareness is essential in life. A truly educated person examines both sides of the issue. Often times, there are shades of grey. It is impor...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

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Awareness and Empathy.

Awareness is essential in life. A truly educated person examines both sides of the issue. Often times, there are shades of grey. It is important to document your findings through scholarly resources and the utilization of primary sources. Primary sources may include experts on the given subject. The main premise is to get straight to the facts before jumping to conclusions. Conclusions, without thorough research, leads to ignorance. We need to cast out ignorance, and, encourage empathy to make society better for everyone.

The goal of this blog is to publish posts that contain accurate information yet thought-provoking about the issues in contemporary society. I want to document from relevant sources. For example, I would obtain information regarding disease prevention through the Centers for Disease Control  (CDC) based in Atlanta, GA. This is one of many examples in which scholarly information is published on a regular basis. Scholarly information with an unbiased overture enhances an individual's comprehension about the given subject matter.

Your participation is strongly encouraged on my blog postings. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you may have for me. My goal is produce high-quality information for my readership. I would greatly desire for you, my loyal followers, to interact with me on various subjects in which I produce on this blog. I do not desire to create controversy. Rather, the goal of this interactive dialogue is to discuss the issue in a respectful manner because this creates cooperation among people. Welcome to 'The Contemporary Eye.'